Best Insurance is here to help you save money and time. No one ever wants a ticket, especially for no insurance. A new program that launched November 2018 in Oklahoma that uses automatic license plate scanning technology to search for uninsured vehicles has identified about 2,100 possible violators in its first weeks of deployment. Officials say the cameras scan all license plates, then the tags are compared to a database that lists vehicles with liability insurance. The images of any vehicles not on the list are then forwarded to the state Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion office for further review. Officials say anyone who receives a letter — and can’t prove the vehicle was insured when the photo was taken — faces a $174 fee.

According to Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak, nearly 600,000 drivers in Oklahoma do not have car insurance. Oklahoma requires every driver to carry the state minimum liability insurance 25/50/25. Best Insurance specializes in just that. We are a non-credit based company that can get you set up to legally be on the road and avoid the $174.00 ticket. The Uninsured motorist administration will allow you up to 14 days to get insurance and provide proof of coverage for a reduces fine or no fine at all.

What should you expect to see on the road? The technology will utilize both fixed and mobile cameras, officials said. State officials said they will start with five mobile cameras in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas, and they plan to install more during the following month and expand the program into other areas of the state.

“They’ll have scanners set up across the state and they’ll be scanning license plates as they drive by, and then it’ll go into their system, and they’ll utilize our insurance verification system to figure out which ones have insurance and which ones don’t,” Deputy Commissioner Buddy Combs said. So when you see a car driving by with several scanners affixed to the roof, truck and hood area beware. They are scanning for your insurance. Best Insurance offers several locations to make avoiding these tickets very easy.

If you receive a notice in the mail because you have been scanned and caught without insurance don’t delay. See one of our many agents and we can help. You will be given a notice by mail and a set time frame to respond. You will need to bring in your notice as it will have valuable information on it to help our agents save you money. If you choose to ignore this notification your license could be suspended, the fines will increase and possibly a warrant can be put out for your arrest due to an unpaid ticket.

Yes you are able to contest the scan and or ticket, however if you do not have valid insurance at the time of the scan it will not do you any good. I have also seen in many cases you will need to employ a valid legal defense as this is not an easy thing to contest. They also offer a diversion program for you to enroll in after you pay your ticket. The district attorney once your ticket is paid will defer your prosecution for two years. You will have to comply to one of the three items listed below.

  1. The owner shall provide verification of current insurance upon request of the district attorney
  2. The owner shall comply with the provisions of the compulsory insurance law for the full term of the agreement
  3. The owner shall not operate any vehicle in violation of the compulsory insurance law during the term of the agreement.


This is not a program you can easily skip out of. Oklahoma is cracking down on drivers with out the state minimum liability insurance.