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Best Insurance is a non standard insurance provider for Tulsa Auto insurance, HomeOwners Insurance, Renters, Motorcycle, Boat, RV, ATV and Commercial Insurance. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for everyone. We are a non credit based insurance company, so if you have bad credit or no credit its not going to affect your premium. We can write you simple liability coverage to complex comp and collision with extra coverage you may not even be aware that you need. Every Driver should be aware of Uninsured Motorist and what it does for you as a driver.Uninsured Motorist is best described as  someone without auto insurance.  Uninsured motorist coverage helps you pay for damages caused by a driver who doesn’t have car insurance. If you’re hurt or your car is damaged in a crash caused by such a driver, this coverage will help pay for costs, up to the limits in your policy. When you are on the road and end up in an accident we expect for the other driver to have Tulsa auto Insurance. What happens if they don’t? Your vehicle is not covered by their insurance if they are at fault because they simply don’t have coverage. If you choose to safeguard yourself and passengers you choose the uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage typically matches your liability limits and will cover you and your passengers’ medical insurance from the accident. It’s a great coverage to make sure you have if you do not have Comprehensive or Collision coverages on your policy for Tulsa Auto Insurance.  Best Insurance also offers Med pay as an add on to any policy. Med pay is described as Medical payments coverage is part of an auto insurance policy. It may help pay your or your passengers’ medical expenses if you’re injured in a car accident, regardless of who caused the accident. Medical payments coverage is sometimes called medical expense coverage, or just “med pay.”  This add on can cover from $500 up to $10,000 dollars. You can ask any Best Insurance agent to give you a quote and include these additional coverages to your policy and see what the additional cost is for you. But these two coverages are items most people don’t know to ask for. Make sure when you are taking out an insurance policy your agent goes over all the coverages with you and that you understand them. At Best Insurance  we go over every aspect of your policy and take the time to make sure you know what you are buying and what it covers. Our agents at Best insurance stay up to date on all the new laws in Oklahoma and do continuing education to make sure we can better assist each and every customer that comes through our door. 

If you are a Driver who is working towards getting your license back or haven’t had a license and will be getting one we have Tulsa Auto Insurance policies for you. We have a few companies we can write  for you so you can get back on the road and have Tulsa auto insurance coverage in force and avoid those expensive tickets. One is a month to month insurance that allows you to have time to work on paying fines or take your drivers license test. We also have 6 month policies for customers needing more coverage than just liability month to month. Without having current Liability insurance in force and No Valid Drivers License you’re looking at having your vehicle towed, a very hefty fine and you could possibly end up in jail for driving while suspended if it’s not your first offense. Having current Tulsa auto insurance in force will show you are actively trying to get in good standing with the state. You are working towards getting your license back. It sounds silly but when you are completing the process of getting your license back you have to have insurance before they will reinstate your license. Once you do comply and pay the fines and reinstate your license we can take your paperwork and submit it to your insurance company and ask for a deeper discount for you. Make sure you bring your new license and state paperwork back to us so we can help you save money. 


When considering what type of Tulsa auto insurance you want or need keep these things in mind:

You will need to bring your Drivers license or State ID, you will also need to bring either the title, registration or bill of sale showing you own the vehicle. 

If you have additional drivers you will need to bring their Driver’s License or ID. If you are getting comprehensive and collision coverage you will want to bring your vehicle for inspection and pictures. 

We can start a Tulsa Auto insurance policy within 15 minutes and get you in and out. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy process if you have all your documentation ready. For more discounts bring your proof of home ownership. Past insurance policy information. This will help us be able to get your discounts for you right away and submit your paperwork to your insurance company completely and not in stages.


An added benefit is Best Insurance can handle your Homeowners policy, Renters policy, Motorcycle, Boat, R.V., ATV and Commercial Policies. We have a wide array of insurance policies we offer for all aspects of your life. We want to be sure while you’re enjoying life you’re covered if an accident were to occur. We hear it pretty often “ I wish I had Tulsa auto insurance coverage” This resonates true with a lot of items you own. Protect them and make sure they have the best and most affordable coverages you can get. After all these are items you have purchased with your hard earned money, protecting them seems like a no brainer. So don’t forget Best Insurance is always here to help whether it’s as easy as helping you with your payment to starting a commercial policy. Best Insurance has your best interests at heart. We want to be sure you are happy when you leave and that you send your family and friends back to us 


Don’t forget to ask about our awesome referral program, For every customer you send us we will put $10 credit on your account. What an easy way to help pay your insurance premium. 

Office Locations:

Garnett Location

Phone Number: (918) 234-0022

Fax Number: (918) 234-0044

1825 S Garnett Rd Tulsa, OK 74128

Hours: Monday – Friday – 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

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31st and Sheridan Location

Phone Number: (918) 576-7000

3124 S Sheridan Rd Tulsa, OK 74145

Hours: Monday – Friday – 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday – Closed


Admiral and Sheridan location

Phone Number (918) 779-6800

11 S Sheridan Rd Tulsa, OK 74112

Hours: Monday – Friday – 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Saturday – 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Sunday – Closed