What discounts can I qualify for when getting Tulsa auto insurance?

  • Marriage discounts
  • Homeowners discount
  • Multi-car discount
  • Prior 6 months insurance discount
  • Defensive drivers discount within 30 days of completion
  • Automatic payments
  • Paperless billing


What is non-owners insurance?

If you are trying to get your driver’s license or getting it reinstated, we have non-owners insurance that you can purchase. With an ID and our non-owners insurance, you can receive your driver’s license.


What do I need to get insurance?

There are a few things needed to get insurance on your vehicle.

  1. Drivers license or ID.
  2. Title, Bill of sale or registration to show proof of ownership.

If you have it at least signed and notarized by both parties then that is acceptable.


What does uninsured motorists cover?

Uninsured motorist covers the medical liability of all occupants inside the vehicle at the time of the accident if the other driver is uninsured, under insured or if it is a hit & run.


How long do our quotes stay in the system and can they be pulled up by any location?

Our quotes will be saved for 30 days at the time they are done. Yes, all Best Insurance locations network with each other to be able to assist to any quote needed.


Can I change from liability to full coverage?

Yes, you can make any changes needed to fit your needs within the policy period.


What are different ways to pay for my policy?

We have multiple ways of accepting payments.

  • Credit card (Phone pay or online payments)
  • Cash
  • Money Orders
  • Mobile App
  • Automatic Payments


Are there Late fees if I’m late?

Yes, late fees will apply after your due date. If you want to keep your Tulsa auto insurance active and in force a great way to do that is auto pay


How can I add a vehicle to my Tulsa auto insurance policy?

It’s simple, you can do it 3 ways. You can call into our office and we can add a vehicle to your policy. You can text us using our text number. Or you can visit us in the office and be helped by one of our agents. This process is called an Endorsement.


Why did my Rate change after I received my quote?

Several factors can influence a rate change between the time you received your quote and when you decided to purchase your policy. If it’s been a few months since you received your quote, rates may have been revised in your area, which could decrease or increase the price you pay for your car insurance policy. If you recently received a quote, it’s possible that something on your driving record or the driving records of others on your policy prompted a change in the quoted price.


Do all Tulsa Auto insurance companies offer the same types of insurance?

Most insurance companies offer very similar insurance coverages such as liability, comprehensive and collision coverages. They also offer additional coverages such as uninsured motorist, med pay, roadside assistance, rental reimbursement. However, rates will vary from company to company.


How do I know I’m choosing the right coverage?

You will work one on one with one of our very skilled insurance agents. They will go over all the options with you and help advise you and navigate you through your insurance quote. We want to ensure each customer knows what coverages they are getting and what they will need.


How often should I pay my car insurance?

That depends on the type of plan you have. We have several different types of policies and payment options for you. You can pay for all six months up front and not worry about monthly payments until your renewal. You can also pay monthly in the office or by phone. Making monthly payments takes time and dedication. You want to ensure you are not late and do not miss a payment. Or you can choose automatic payments. This will draft the money from your bank account each month, It will help you avoid cancellation fees and lapses in coverage.


Do I really need to provide you with all that information just for a quote?

Yes!! Insurance rates are determined based on risk. We need to know where you live, your Driver’s License number, if you’re married, if you have had prior coverage, if you are a homeowner, what type of car you drive if you have had previous tickets or accidents. There is a lot of information that determines what your tulsa auto insurance rate will be. So when we ask a lot of questions we want to get as much information as we can to make sure you are getting the best rate there is to offer.


Are you checking more than one company for me?

Absolutely!! At Best Insurance we check rates for you with over ten different companies. We want to make sure you are getting the most competitive prices. We take the leg work out of the insurance process for you.


Do you offer other coverages other than Tulsa auto insurance?

Yes we do. We have several other types of insurance for you to choose from. Check out our services page to see all the options for insurance that you can take advantage of.


Does my Car Insurance cover other drivers?

The safe answer is No, if you allow someone else to drive your vehicle its best to make sure they are a listed driver on your policy before you let them drive. They could have an accident and your insurance may not cover the damages for an unlisted driver.


If I make a change to my policy how quickly will it go into effect?

In most cases yes the changes you make will take effect immediately. However you need to check with your agent, in some cases it takes 24 hours for it to be active.