Every insurance customer is looking for a way to lower their car insurance rates. We have all seen the commercials, radio ads and social media posts about come save with us. Does anyone really know how to check to make sure they are getting the best rate possible on their car insurance? It’s really not as difficult or as time consuming as you would imagine. Best Insurance is the home of the 60 second quote. We can add your discounts in while we process your quote for you.

Now, let’s take a look at the many discounts your lifestyle can create and make happen for your car insurance!! Did you know that simply owning your own home will allow you to receive a discount on your car insurance? Insurance is based mostly off risk. The riskier you are the higher your insurance rate is. If you are an individual or family who owns their own home, you are assessed as less of a risk than a renter. Renters are great but owning a home in the car insurance world will allow you to receive a discount on your auto policy. What about bundling? Yes, bundling your home owners, auto, motorcycle, RV, ATV, etc. will also allow you to receive a lump sum off your overall bill. However, bundling is not a requirement to receive a discount. Simply letting us know you own a home is enough. You may be required in some cases to bring a proof of ownership. It’s a great way to get started on saving. Be sure when you stop by Best Insurance for you Auto quote you mention if you’re a home owner. If you’re a renter, we can hook you up with an awesome renters’ policy.

Already have a car insurance policy with another company? Your previous insurance is another possible way to receive a big discount. At Best Insurance, if you can provide 6 months of prior insurance, our insurance agents will be able to add that information into your quote. When you are willing to bring in a preexisting insurance history, this shows an insurance company that you already have an understanding of how to be responsible when assessing your risk. An insurance company wants to see a chronological record of awesome driving. They can check and see how many lapses in coverage you have had along with cancelations. They are also able to look at your claims and see if you are a driving that has a good driving record. Insurance companies are always looking to insure great drivers and responsible customers. A new customer who can’t prove that they pay their bill on time with little to no lapses in coverage will not receive as good of a deal. So, bring in that proof of prior insurance and get a surprising amount of money deducted from your overall bill and returned back into your pocket. In this day and age, it’s never a bad thing to save. In this day and time, we are looking to save anywhere and everywhere. Our children need sports equipment, dance shoes and gas is not .50 cents a gallon anymore

Here is a great and easy way to save AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWL. Personally, I’m setup on auto withdrawal. Not only does it save me Money on my Car Insurance, but I don’t have to worry about calling or spending my time going to an office to pay. All the time I spent trying to pay my bill in person was costing me valuable time and money. So, in the end Auto withdrawal is a simple change to make. Another benefit to using auto withdrawal is you no longer have to worry about Talk to one of your Best Insurance agents today and get signed up and start saving. Your time is worth money.

Who owns Multiple cars, I do! Did you know by having multiple cars you can receive a discount on your car insurance? At Best Insurance we want to be sure you get that Multi car discount. Not only will you receive a lower rate per vehicle but now your bundling saving time and money by making one simple payment. So, don’t forget when you come into Best Insurance make sure your getting that multi car discount for your auto insurance.

Last but not least a simple way to save is by presenting your defense driving certificate, most of us had to complete driver’s education or driving school before getting our license. If you completed the defensive driving course bring that certificate with you. It was created so you can get a discount. It all comes down to risk assessment. If you have taken a course to train you to drive defensively in all driving situations you are going to be able to save money at Best Insurance.

So here is 5 easy ways to save. Stop by one of our 3 locations and save today on your car insurance.

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