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In Oklahoma Boating is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. Boat insurance is the last thing you think of when buying a new boat. Let Best Insurance make the process easy and quick. We offer the best prices and provide great service for your boating insurance needs. Make the easy choice, choose Best Insurance. At Best Insurance we love to choose Progressive for Tulsa Boat Insurance. They offer Tulsa Boat Insurance for sailboats, Power Boats, Bass or Fishing Boats, jet skis, wave runners, and sea doos. When planning a trip to the lake there is a lot that goes into what you bring, what you need, who is going, then there’s the plan for the day. Just like the trip, Tulsa Boat Insurance can be a daunting task. Leave it to our Best Insurance Boat Insurance specialists.

 Powerboats, also known as motorboats, can include anything from a runabout to a yacht. They’re used for everything from water sports to fishing, but the common characteristic is a capable propulsion system. With speed comes a higher risk of accidents, so you’ll want to make sure you and your speedboat are properly insured before you hit the water. Only a few states require boat insurance. However, with top speeds of up to 75mph for some motorboats, it’s advisable to carry boat insurance in case of an accident. Not only is it wise to insure your powerboat against physical damage, but you’ll also want to consider liability coverage in the event you’re responsible for someone else’s injuries or damages while boating. 


What do you need to obtain a quote for your Tulsa Boat Insurance?

  • The hull identification number is necessary to start a boat insurance policy; if you don’t have the hull ID number handy, you can still get a quote if you know your powerboat’s year, make, and model
  •  If your boat manufacturer isn’t listed when you start your quote, we’ll ask about your powerboat’s hull length, hull material (usually fiberglass or aluminum), and propulsion type (inboard, outboard, or inboard/outboard)
  •  Completing a boater safety course could lower your insurance rate
  •  You’ll have the option to insure your powerboat’s trailer


Don’t have a powerboat that’s ok. Here in Oklahoma we see a lot more bass boats. You will need a Tulsa boat insurance policy with comprehensive and collision coverage to protect your bass boat against physical damage. Also, if you’re liable in a boating accident, liability coverage can pay for the damages or injuries you caused. 

Advantages of Purchasing a Bass Boat with Tulsa Boat Insurance 

Simple to operate and maintain, Often includes a trolling motor so you can keep both hands on a fishing rod,  May not be as vulnerable to wind gusts as other boats that sit higher on the water, Relatively easy to transport and store,Generally less expensive than larger fishing boats,What you should know when insuring your bass boat

You can add insurance for your fishing equipment, power poles and fish finders

 Completing a boater safety course could bring down your bass boa Tulsa Boat insurance cost

 Best Insurance offers coverage for your bass boat’s trailer, Make sure to ask your Best Insurance Agent how you can get deeper discounts for your tulsa boat insurance 

 Tulsa Boat insurance typically won’t cover corrosion to your watercraft’s hull or manufacturing defects


Only a few states mandate boat insurance, but PWC insurance is important if you’re liable in an on-water accident or you damage your watercraft.


 We offer a variety of boat insurance discounts when you get a quote, including one for having more than one PWC on your policy. When you are receiving a quote for your Jet ski and PWCyou will need the following information;

Make sure you have listed any regular drivers including any minors that may be a regular operator of the water craft. Disclose any changes or enhancements you have made to increase speed or overall performance. Your insurance provider may not cover the PWC with certain modifications. You must have the Hull Identification number if you are purchasing a PWC policy for tulsa boat insurance. enhancements made to your PWC to increase speed or performance; your insurer may not cover a PWC with certain modifications. We can still help you get a quote without the Hull Id as long as you know the year make and model of the PWC. You may be thinking what does PWC insurance cover? It will cover you and your passengers if you are ever injured in an accident that you are found at fault in. It will cover up to the specified limits on your policie, so when choosing your personal injury limits be sure to choose a number you know will cover yourself if an accident occurs. You can add medical Payment coverage and that will kick in regardless of who is at fault. Replacement cost for personal items Coverage is available up to $5,000 for your personal property, such as clothing, sunglasses, and phones. Replacement cost means if we can’t repair your damaged items, we’ll pay what it costs for new ones (similar model).Total loss coverage If your PWC is declared a total loss within the first 3 model years, we’ll write you a check for what it costs to buy a brand new one (MSRP of the current year model). After your PWC is more than 3 model years old, we’ll pay you the actual cash value of your PWC at the time of a total loss. Extensive navigation Enjoy using your PWC anywhere in the US or Canada, without limits on where you can boat. Roadside assistance Towing to the nearest qualified repair facility is provided at no additional cost when your covered trailer or its tow vehicle is damaged or disabled. There’s typically no out-of-pocket cost to use this coverage.

So if you plan to spend your summers or any time on the water and in your boat with friends and family it is important to be educated on what insurance you need and making sure you obtain it at the right price.