ATV Insurance


Trails, Mud, Sand, Sunshine and the great outdoors all have one thing in common ATV’s. When you’re purchasing an ATV all you think about is the fun, the places you can go and the friends you can take with you. The camping trips, the trails you can tear up and of course all the mud. 

Buying an ATV means a lot more than just buying another vehicle. It’s your way of making sure you and your family get to visit the great outdoors and travel to lots of places in Oklahoma that have specific ATV trails. It’s a chance for you and your family to have fun with friends, it’s freedom to explore the outdoors and the open trails that are well off the beaten path. . You may be getting an ATV to help with work around your property or to go out and hit the trails but it’s important to make sure your ATV is protected outside your homeowners policy. We see gaps in coverage when an ATV is covered under the Homeowners policy. 

In Oklahoma we know a lot of people own or ride ATV and Side by sides. We have so many trails and beautiful places to take your ATV’s and side by side as to go to and ride the different terrain. Little Sahara and Apalachia Bay being some of the most popular places to go and ride with family and friends. Oklahoma has so many places you can take your ATV’s and camp with friends and families. How common are ATV accidents. There are 135,000 people injured every year due to ATV accidents. Over 700 people are killed in these accidents every year. Approximately 1/3 of the people killed in ATV accidents each year are under the age of 16.That’s an overwhelming amount of injuries and deaths. This information is not something we think of when getting on or buying a new ATV. That is why Insurance is so important. Its there to protect you, your riders, and anyone around. 


Four Wheelers and side by sides can be some serious fun, so protect yourself while enjoying the trails in Oklahoma with Tulsa ATV Insurance. Liability insurance from Best insurance can cover your injuries that you cause  to someone else or to someone else properties. Legal costs are covered if you are sued. You can get a basic Liability policy started today in 1 of our 3 Tulsa ATV Insurance Offices. We specialize in your off road equipment and can help you find the best coverage for you and customize a policy that fits your needs. Another coverage that often gets overlooked is uninsured or underinsured insurance coverage. When looking at Tulsa ATV insurance you want to be sure you have this coverage. Many other ATV or Side by Side users do not have insurance or they do not have enough insurance to cover your medical costs if an accident were to occur. Uninsured or underinsured coverage will kick in when you need the extra medical coverage. No one can foresee how bad an accident will be so it’s best to have this coverage on your policy to help protect you and other riders. 

If you are looking to protect your ATV or Side by side you need to make sure you have added Tulsa ATV insurance for Comprehensive coverage and Collision Coverage. These two coverages will protect your ATV or side by side due to fire, hail, hitting an animal, an act of nature or if your ATV or Side by side gets stolen. If you get into an accident with another ATV or Side by side or if you hit an object this coverage will kick in and fix your toy or replace your vehicle once deductibles are paid. There are several other options you can add to your Tulsa ATV insurance policy for your ATV or side by side such as Medical pay, Accessories, and custom parts and equipment coverage. They also offer some roadside assistance and trip interruption coverage to help make your next ATV adventure an excellent experience. 

Ask us about Extra protection for your Tulsa ATV insurance policy. Best Insurance can customize your policy and make sure you get the added coverages you may need that you may not even know about. How about the disappearing deductible. If you have 4 policy terms being claim free it will take your deductible down to zero. A disappearing deductible sounds great right?? Have you considered having coverage for your transport trailer? Cover the trailer you use to take you and your toys to your trail riding destination. This coverage can go up to ten thousand dollars. Another great thing about Tulsa ATV insurance policies is if you choose Physical damage coverage you will get three thousand dollars of accessory coverage included. So that would cover Headlights, bumpers, winches ect. If these items get damaged during your ride we will replace it up to 3,000 at no cost to you. Dont think that just because you arent driving an ATV on the road you do not need to be insured and up to snuff with the proper ownership paperwork. It sounds like a lot of paperwork and hassle but if you work with one of our Tulsa ATV insurance specialists. We will have plans to cover anything you really need regarding your ATV adventures. So before purchasing your ATV or planning a family ATV trip give us a call and check with an Tulsa ATV insurance Specialist. We want to be sure you have all the information and make an informed choice on the coverages you will need for your ATV.