Chuckles that tickles your funnybone.

Insurance stories to bring you the smile of the day the system brought to you compliments of the CIA insurance hoping they will brighten your day and bring a smile to your face ear to ear. Having been in the insurance business some 60 years I’ve heard hundreds of stories and here is just a few that I will repeat hoping they will give you a bit of place sure most people consider insurance a serious business and it is its as it brings happiness to those who has had a streak of bad luck. Here are few antidotes that this happened in real life that were kind of amusing. When you hear these we want you to remember that were there brought to you as complements the Best insurance agency the writer of cheap car insurance cheap Tulsa Auto Insurance like that the cheapest car insurance is sponsored by Progressive Insurance who also writes commercial insurance on small trucks and over the road big trucks to truck insurance as well. The first is a story I want to tell you is about a lawyer who had purchased home insurance and wanted to ensure some prized wacko premium quality he had purchased a box of 24 of this rarest and most expensive cigars on the market and decided that he would ensure them through his homeowners insurance a month later have unhappily smoked them all the young lawyer decided he would file a claim with the insurance company to reimburse himself for the cigars is claim. That they had been lost in a series of small fires, of course they were more than covered under the homeowners insurance policy Best insurance agents writers of cheap Tulsa Auto Insurance insurance written sponsored by progressive insurance writers of commercial truck insurance command what color 660 is it completely out that we should told me earlier on will get it exactly another little chuckle a driver filed a claim when they were leaving for work one morning they drove into a school bus parked at the end of the driveway the claim filed against the driver of the school bus since the bus was five minutes early that earlier than they had expected it was naturally the fault of the bus driver ha I don’t know how that one turned out.

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Another insurance claim that came through was a windshield broken case, unknown possibly voodoo. All the time we get crazy claims needless to say but regardless of the claims that you see will see processed in your lifetime you will also know that you should have car insurance and so naturally you want the cheapest car insurance possible to call Best insurance to get a quote or cheap car insurance written by progressive insurance company. Here’s another one that may bring a smile to your face I driver was parked by the side of the road was relocated to office when a house fell off of the back of the truck is relocating it. Eventually the insurance company paid the claim, but only after confirming the fact that the moving company strike that with the moving company that the car had indeed been totaled by house. A true fact a lady made a claim from cow damage she had parked her tree under mulberry tree and when she returned the cows were licking the car to suck off the berries that had fallen from the mulberry tree that Cal’s rough tongue had called scratches to the paint job. Again always be prepared like a good Boy Scout when claims do happen get a quote from Best insurance for your cheap car insurance policy and let us give you a quote from Progressive Insurance the cheapest car insurance on the market and other claim had on it if the car in front of hit a pedestrian but he got up got up so I hit him again. The pedestrian had no idea which way to runrnor. His some of the stories ridiculous again these are some of the things that you will see the insurance business when filing claims over a period of 60 years regardless get free quotes on your cheap car insurance policies from Best insurance they will search the market for you many many different companies more than likely Progressive Insurance will end up in the winter as they are one of the cheapest car insurance writers on the market. Another claimant said coming home I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree that I don’t have that makes about as much sense as this other one the elements of the other cola car collided with mine without giving any warning of its intention. He is some of the crazy things that happens. With progressive policies writing cheap car insurance because the right cheapest car insurance policies written Best insurance agents always happy to give you a free quote office hours are 830 to 530 Monday through Friday and eight big cross that and 9 o’clock to 1230 on Saturday the phone number is 918-234-0022 call for your free quote.

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Here are some more one-liners experienced my best insurance agents writers of cheap car insurance home of progressive insurance the writer of the cheapest car insurance on the market today. I thought my windows was down. But I found out it was up when I put my head through it. Another one-liner is I had been learning to drive with power steering. I turned the wheel to what I thought was enough and found myself in a different direction going in the opposite way. Another one-liner in a claim and invisible car come out of nowhere hit my car and vanished. Laughing out loud is there any wonder that I have been in the business for 65 years this is truly a fun business and the agents here at Best insurance make it very pleasant to work as they are writing cheap car insurance sponsored by Progressive Insurance insurance company the cheapest car insurance on the market today