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Alright, so today, I have a couple of excellent wonderful guests from best insurance here in tulsa, okay I’ve got I’ve got lance and I’ve got ramey. Standley I just did two generations here today. Typically, that’s for other locations, which is which is pretty impressive stuff with it, with the generations of the of the stanley’s i, really taken care of people in tulsa, oklahoma intensive for that car insurance in tulsa-and you know, I want to I’ll, bring you guys in today and and get you on this pug cost, because that’s a lot that you guys are doing the end in community for in terms of insurance, there are people that you guys help their christmas functions that he Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa has put on and I just wanted to get you guys on the mic and kind of talk a little bit about you know, maybe baby how long you been in the in the insurance industry and business out there. What can I expect from your serviceif? You don’t mind that if you could just come, tell us a little bit about best insurance and how long it’s been around and and and that would move for insurance in october of 2005 that be 12 years in a little bit and we specialize in auto, insurance, homeowners and renters insurance. Some motorcycle I mean we can do most any insurance, but we specialize in car insurance in tulsa.

That’s great, so I’ve seen that you guys have some really good reviews there. It sounds like there’s a lot of people that come bye, bye, bye to your stores and and they that they seem to like yourself as I was saying. That’s one of the big things about my wife and she’s. Looking for a restaurant she’s, reviewing it and making sure the other people saying good things about it, and so I noticed when I when I googled, you guys, you guys have some really good reviews, and so so you guys are providing the great service, and we appreciate that and soto atlanta is, is a person who really kind of runza a lot of things down a best insurance in the end and make sure that that everybody seems to be all of my faces and, and everyone seems to love, that job and I think that you’re responsible for that is. That is that true lance? Is that true story I’m? Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa Not sure if it is that, is that tray all i, don’t know that I could take all the credit. We have a lot of great people that work for us always friendly fast service said whenever you looking for car insurance in tulsa, you, can, count, on, you, know a friendly smile, get you in and out, and not only take care of your car insurance in tulsa, but we can also write home, atv, rv boat. There’s a lot of different things that we specialize in, but car insurance in tulsa’s. What we really like to hang our hat on I like that i, like that some kind of christmas function up there recently were you happy will come by and and they got to see santa tonight we cool and father christmas in england, but apparently over here you got to call him santa claus for some reason, but did you did santa claus come by the store yeah? We had a great turnout. We we took family photos, we send out mailers to all of our current and well all of our customers. We’ve had in the last year just the way to give back to the community while santa claus showed up, and you know what lot of friendly smiles lot of a lot of excitement, and it was just a wonderful time to get together. That is so wonderful, so you’re telling me that if you get your car insurance in tulsa through best insurance, you get to see santa claus at the end of the years. That is a true story for my spot yeah. As long as you’ve been good and most the time you know, our customers have been good there on the nice list. Right now, that’s good!

That’s good! That’s! That’s! That’s a wonderful thing! I think that you’re not doing those extra things in the community can be really a game-changer cuz. The truth is that a lot of people that that work with a different insurance companies don’t really get to see their insurance agent insurance person very much me that you know when it comes to. They might not even see them, but it sounds like you actually encourage your clients to come out and share in the festivities with you from time to time, which I think makes you guys different. Is that right, yeah, there’s, there’s a few things that make a difference. Main thing is:is we don’t just shop? We don’t just have one company, we shop terrible company, Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa so it’s a good idea just to stay in touch. Maybe if nothing else, once every 6 months or once every year, cuz things change, maybe you’ve gotten married, possibly qualify for a discount with a different company. Maybe you’d bought a new home that that would qualify for a discount. We can shop car insurance in tulsa with a number providers. Different providers have different appetites and, as you change or your circumstances or situation, which was try to save our people as much money as possible, that’s great that’s great insurance in tulsa, and you want to get a foss quote. It sounds like you guys, I mean it sounds like you guys do in 60. Seconds of some point is that is that what I saw on the website, something about a false quote and 62? How do you even know? How do you even accomplish getting a quote in 60 seconds of somebody says you guys been doing this for a while? But what do you think about that? What what is this 60-second quote thing that you guys seem to have any website rating system that we plug your information into and it’s about as fast as you can put it in the computer, spits it back out.

What’s your price is compared to what you’re driving abilities and what’s your where you live your zip code matters that makes a difference if you have a wife or husband or you own, a home or if you been insured in the past, you get several different discount wow plugs at in immediately so lot of times. We can do it faster than 60 seconds. That is awesome. That is awesome, so so folks out there that that I reading this right now, when you see that you need a fost quote, you can you can go to best insurance, you can fill out the form, send it in all of a sudden you’ll get this. The 60 second quote, which is pretty impressive, because I know that when i, when I sit down with my insurance guy talk about Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa car insurance, it’s definitely not 60. Seconds. That is pretty much how how fast the intro of Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa conversation is usually about 60 seconds of saying:hey how you doing. How are you doing that that takes about 60 seconds, but but these guys that they’ve got it down to a science and making sure they get? That quote to you in a timely fashion, because you know especially around this time you if you were busy keeping very busy, they want to get there. They want to get the quote and they want to move on, and it seems like that. The guys at best insurance know exactly what they doing so. Well, you know, if you’re looking for that car insurance in tulsa, then you’ll talk to these guys. So what so? What do you guys have planned for the new year? 2018 honestly, this? This is been a year for your big gift for you, but what about next year? Is it it and, they’re Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa they’re big plans went to outback to to really try to help as many clients as possible. What it! What are you thinking, yeah we’re we’re looking to put together a big year this year, we’re bouncing back from getting hit by a tornado, would change some office locations to better suit our clients, but haven’t for office locations across tulsa to serve you best with your car insurance in tulsa. We we want to make sure that that everyone has the opportunity for speed knees if they do want to come in that you know, we offer low monthly payments, so we’re more than happy to see what the smile once a month or if you just want to pay Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa your premium in full, every 6 months and I will make sure that we we get in contact with you at some point in the near future, though, because we want to make sure that you know we’re getting involved in the community and you can look for another some type of event, promotion within the next 6 months and definitely count on santa claus god is that is perfect. That is perfect. So what would you want them to do if they go to your website, you know and they they they wanted to. 60 second quote what they have to do:what what is a call to action on the website that call to action on the website? I think, more than anything it did the speed knees of the you know the phone conversation we want to encourage you to pick up the phone and call for 60. Second quote outside of that.

You know a lot of times. We feel that we can offer about the lowest monthly Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa payment that there is out there. While we have some people that qualify for the lowest $29 a month, wow and I think that savings on and then build a break up your premium instead of having to come up with all of it at you know a 6 months in full. It just comes in handy especially this time of year around christmas time when you’re trying to free up some money to be able to buy some gifts in a low monthly payment. A lot of times is good for most everybody that shopping around. Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa We can try to save you some money with all the different companies that we offer. That’s excellent. You know one thing:i did notice. When I pulled out the company’s unit for my bilingual friends, they they they didn’t, have any interpreters. They didn’t have anybody that could speak any other languages you know being from europe there is. There is so many different languages me kind of used to that, but it wasn’t until that I I saw the best insurance website that I realize that that that you got some multilingual there. Now now you got some, ladies, that who can who can really help those outside of just the english-speaking people. Is that correct plants that is correct? We pride ourselves and having a bilingual capabilities at all offices wow, so it it’s it’s not just at one location, and it’s not someone that interprets. You can count on a licensed agent, every single office as well as bilingual capabilities. That is awesome. So, when you looking for your car insurance in tulsa, Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa we definitely recommend that you go to best insurance and they will help you with your with your needs and you have a great day. Thank you.

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