Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa | Rollover office locations

Hey everyone, this is Ryan with Best Insurance and what a beautiful day it is outside. It’s a good time to get outside and drive around, but make sure you have plenty of insurance to cover yourself and your loved ones. Here at Best Insurance We like to provide you with the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa available. Come check out our four locations from 18th and garnett, admiral and sheridan, 41st and garnett and 43rd and sheridan for all of your insurance needs. Also come check out our website at and check out what all lines of insurance we offer. Also Give us a call at any one of those locations listed at 918-576-7000.
Today we are going to talk about a couple of things today. First let’s start off with our customer service and how helpful our team is with whatever you need. We have rollover phones so if possible one of our agents are unable to answer the phones then it will rollover to another office and the next agent will help you promptly. We will help you with any questions you have while providing the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa around to make sure you are covered correctly without any issues.
The topic of discussion today is going to be the difference between higher limit coverages and lower limit coverages and Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa how it affects us and our premiums. There are many things that can make a huge difference in premium but depending on how much coverage you want is a big part of those changes. For instance, the premium price from the minimum Oklahoma limits of 25/50/25 to a higher limit such as 100/300/100, but we will get to that in just a second on what those mean and how different the premiums are.
First would be the regular lower limit 25/50/25. This lower limit helps Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa people that just want the bare minimum in price and to be legal. There are a lot of people out there that just require that amount to get certain things whether it be just to afford it or their car wouldn’t be able to get comp/coll. There are people that just like to get their tags and therefore only need the lower limit for a cheaper down payment and we at Best Insurance provide the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa.
Second, would be the higher limits such as 100/300/100. These coverages are for people that like to make sure they’re covered in a more expensive type of situation. Like if the insured were driving a new jaguar and their car was worth $60,000 and they ran into a Lamborghini that was worth $200, 000 that higher limit would be able to handle damage like that instead of having to come out of your own pocket with a lower limit policy.
Those are just a few things we covered today, but there is plenty more. So I’ll leave you like we always do and make sure you check out our website at and check out our reviews.