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It’s the old fiber coming to you again want to talk to you today about the cheapest insurance tulsa oklahoma, cheapest, car insurance and and I know that everybody like talk about chiefs, auto insurance they can get from. But this company offers incredible services at a great price course. You know who I’m talking about I’m talking about the best in show at 1825 south garnett road, their phone number is 918-234-0022. Are you can look them up at the main phone number at 6918, the 576-7000 at 918-857-6700, our wives? You know I mean that’s all of us old pirate, very the timer to that and i. Don’t really feel like I’m talking about the old people, making fun of him or anything because I’m, whatever I’m 89 years old I feel like I can talk about myself, not to laugh at myself and I hope you will get a little chuckle out of it to you about this, but I call her resourceful wife and it seems like he’s too old girls, heat they’ve gone down to the supermarket and actor asking each other about how they felt them. Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa

So one that got around that talking about their husbands. So what has your old man doing now days since you don’t burke drop dead? Last week he went out the garbage garden to pick up a head of cabbage and a heart attack. He just drop dead, the other one guy she’s home I that terrible? What did you do? Why came here to buy the cabbage? She said now. That’s what I call a resourceful wife. We all like that. I have a very resourceful person around us and that someone that likes to save money and so on. But you know I like to refer people to the cheapest, auto insurance in tulsa oklahoma when they’re talkin to me, and they don’t know something about car insurance to get the cheapest, auto insurance that there is I tell you about the best insurance, because that’s a good place to go, but you know I’m getting kind of off the subject here that little bit about talking about our wives and also I’d like to hear about this husband and wife. They were out driving one sunday afternoon. Just out taking a drive and cops saw him pulled him over and he said:hey pullover excuse me, man do you know that you were speeding and a woman. She turned her husband. Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa

She said what he say. It says you were speeding, yo man repeat it to her loud and slow and it he said. May I see your license. The officer asked and I didn’t understand him again, so she turned her husband. She said what he say. He wants to see your license because her husband told her slow and loud, and the woman gave the policeman her license plates and examined it and hand it back to her and took over in oklahoma city stud and used to live over there. Cuz I ain’t used to spend some time over in oklahoma, city I think his eyes on the blind date. When I’m with the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen, the woman charged her husband and said, ask again what he say he thinks he knows you, the hell. That’s my kinda look to you, know you’re. Okay, I like to tell you that much it’s that the cali hopefully bring a smile to your face, and so long but I know you people there at cheapest, auto insurance in tulsa, oklahoma, work, hard, get a lot of free quotes that are at best insurance and so I’d like to come and break the monotony. For you, though, that I’m not today asking you for the cheapest auto insurance I’m. Just wanting to tell you story, because you know I have my car insurance with you by and it is definitely the cheapest auto insurance in tulsa anyways seems like it is a gal. She was arrested. She been arrested for shoplifting in the supermarket and when she went to court the judge asked her what should take and fugue I said:i took her can of peaches, your honor. Why did you take that? Well, they looks ever so Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa nice.

The label looks ever so nice and I thought I’d, one of them to go with my ice cream, but I didn’t have any money. The judge thought for a minute said:well jokes:on seeing how old you are not prepared to be lenient. How many peaches was in that cat 4 answer the old woman? Okay, it’s at the judge, it’ll be 4 days in jail one day for each peach, court dismissed, then immediately the old man that look up your honor, yes, I said the judge by wife also stole the canopies and that’s what I call a standing by your wife and he was really faithful to that old guy with me. Anyway. That’s the way it goes to your in oklahoma. We have our ups and downs, but remember having up and down whenever looking for the cheapest, auto insurance in tulsa, because you could always find it without those incredible people over there at best insurance. So with my friends or my neighbor’s of what to get the cheapest auto insurance in tulsa, oklahoma 09128, not 576-7009, it got a great website. You can look at. You know. I hope. You give me a little more time here. I have with other story I’d like to tell you it’s about an old gal and she is a widow as you’ve been dating. This widower been married before 2 and they’ve been dating for six seven years and then finally, he finally got up the courage to ask her to marry. Is I told you they were get that pin years and told me he asked her if she’d barium and she immediately said yes, I’ll marry you and the next morning when he got Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa up.

He couldn’t remember what the heck of an answer have been, but did you get weather should decided to be yes or no go parody panicked a little bit. They decide to hang I better call her and find out what she said. So we called ernie said 8 honey. This is really embarrassing, but when I asked you to marry me yesterday well this morning, I couldn’t remember what your answer was and she replied well, thank goodness that you called cuz i. Remember said yes to someone’s very proposal yesterday, but I couldn’t remember if it was up to me i. Just don’t remember me, but I want them to always remember you guys are at best insurance and the little I always tell them, and let them know that you’ve got the cheapest. Auto rates and tulsa oklahoma that I want this. The old-timer again cited off and I’ll be talking to you next time and hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the job’s got a smile out of them and I’ll see you later. Thank you and goodbye Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa

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