Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa | Receiving a multi-car discount

Hey everyone this is Ryan with Best Insurance and what a beautiful day it is outside. It’s a good time to get outside and drive around, but make sure you have plenty of insurance to cover yourself and your loved ones. Here at Best Insurance We like to provide you with the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa available. Come check out our four locations from 18th and Garnett, admiral and sheridan, 41st and Garnett and 43rd and sheridan for all of your insurance needs. Also come check out our website at and check out what all lines of insurance we offer. Also Give us a call at any one of those locations listed at 918-576-7000.
First of all I want to give a shout out to all of our people here at Best Insurance providing the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa in your area or any area in Oklahoma. Our customer service is our best competitor because we like to make sure that each insured is given the proper insurance needed to feel comfortable driving or operating whatever they insure with us. We are here to make you feel comfortable in every situation, that way you won’t have to worry if something happens to your property or your friends or family or even yourself for that matter. Best Insurance makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and doing everything needed to make you feel safe.
Today we are going to be talking about another discount. Last article was about how a marriage can give you a pretty good discount on your policy compared to being single. It provided us with knowing that if any of us were to ever get married then you could get a nice price deduction according the state. This time we are going to discuss a different discount that could possibly add on to the marriage discount and make your insurance even cheaper for you. Today we will be talking about a multi-car discount and what it can do to save you money. Basically what a multi-car discount consists of exactly what you think it consists of, getting discounted by having more than one vehicle on your policy. Given that situation, instead of having to pay extra for two different policies on two different vehicles you are able to combine them for a cheaper price. For example, if Bill gets a policy for his ford f150 for $200 and gets another policy for his Chevrolet c1500 for $200, if he were to combine the two on a single policy he would get the multi-car discount and be paying $300 for both. So that is a small explanation of a multi-car discount and how it can save you money in that situation or any situation regarding policy information. There is always a way to save money and we at Best Insurance can find you those ways with our long time experience and customer service that we provide. So once again I would like to leave with that Best Insurance with help you find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa in this are or any surrounding areas in Oklahoma. So thanks for looking possibly and everyone out there have a great day!