Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa | Money for medical bills

Last night i had a car accident. I did not see it coming and it all happened so fast. The day started as any other ordinary day nothing that will indicate that my only way of transportation will get damage. I do not know if anybody can tell when they wake up…oh yeah today it will happen, today i will have an accident so it will be better to go back to bed. That what i should do but now it is too late. Luckily i do not have to worry how i get the money to fix the car who will give me a ride and how do pay my medical bills. I got my car insurance at Best insurance tulsa they offer cheapest auto insurance tulsa.
I went to best insurance tulsa just to get fast 60 sec quote i was not even ready to get cheapest auto insurance Tulsa i do not think i will need it. I drove for so long without auto insurance and did not get any tickets. The agent who help me was very kind and knowledgeable.S he was totally opposite to what i imagine insurance agent would be. Not only she gave me a quote but she explained all the benefits from having full coverage and uninsured motorist coverage, she also offered Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa rental coverage and roadside assistance. I was not sure if i ever need all of those services. I was very skeptical at first. But after thinking about all the benefits and low monthly payments for cheapest auto insurance tulsa I was sure that is what i need.
The accident was not my fault. The other person did not have insurance and they just drove off leaving me in the middle of the road. Thanks to uninsured motorist i didn’t have to worry about my medical bills. I had to stay in the hospital overnight and that is not cheap as cheapest auto insurance tulsa. I had peace of mind because i knew thanks to best insurance i had cheapest auto insurance tulsa with all the benefits i needed. The next day i got rental car that was covered by my cheapest auto policy and could move around.
Fixing my car was very emotional experience. I saw it after the accident all broken and bent. i worked so hard to buy it and now it looks nothing like the car i had. Luckily i have full coverage with $500 deductible on collision. That is how much it will cost me to fix it.I do not want to even imagine what i will do if i did not get cheapest auto insurance tulsa with best insurance tulsa. Best insurance Tulsa is the best agency in tulsa and they will always make sure to find you the best deal that fits your budget and needs. Best insurance tulsa is the place to go if you consider getting auto policy. Best insurance tulsa will find not only the cheapest policy for you but will also make sure you get all the benefits you are looking for.