Hello everyone, today is shaping up to be a beautiful day outside and you know what that means, a lot of people are going to be on the road. Don’t forget to make sure you have the proper insurance to be able to drive comfortably on this great Wednesday. If you’re out driving without insurance make sure and come into any Best Insurance location to receive a quote for the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa in the State. We have four different locations for you to choose from with four different phones numbers, so there are plenty of options depending on how close we are for your needs. Our four locations consist of Eighteenth and Garnett, Admiral and Sheridan, Forty first and Garnett and Forty third and Sheridan. Once again we have four different phone numbers to reach us at 918-576-7000, 918-234-0022, 918-392-5522 and 918-779-6800 so give us a call for a hassle free quick quote.There are many ways for someone to save on insurance and receive different discounts. Today we are going to give another example of how to receive a multi-policy discount and how it helps the policy holder with saving money in the right ways. Best Insurance and their agents like to get you the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa possible and what better way to do that than to take out more than one policy to receive a multi-policy discount. Before we talked about Bob getting a multi-policy discount on vehicle and all terrain vehicle and Kelly on a vehicle and home. Today we are going to talk about James and what he decided to insure to receive that discount. One day James came into Best Insurance where they give the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa and sat down to talk with an agent. He wanted to check out a quote for homeowners and the agent was able to get him a good price. He proceeded to talk to his finance company and they approved of the price as well to be able to plug in the insurance price with the mortgage payment. While everything was getting worked out and the paperwork was being worked, the agent asked if he had anything around the household as far as a toy. James then commented that he had an All Terrain Vehicle that was in the garage that he wanted to insure. We being the Best Insurance gave a him the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa with his ATV and took out that policy as well. James received a really large multi-policy discount having both home and ATV insured under the same roof. These are always great things to look for because you don’t know what all will be covered in an policy for a home or an ATV. Make sure and always ask as many question as you can think of to insure your happiness and your family in case there are medical issues in certain areas or accidents. You can never control anything other than what you choose to control about yourself and even then it doesn’t even workout. Always cover yourself and don’t forget that Best Inurance is there to help you be covered.