It might be Wednesday, but the water is warm and it’s a perfect day outside to get some sun and enjoy a day at the lake for either fishing or just for relaxation or even for you and the kids. Always know you are safe when best Insurance is insuring your property and luxuries. We like to give you the Cheapest auto Insurance Tulsa around as well as boat insurance. He had a sweet 2016 wakeboard boat called a super air nautique which ranges between 50 and 100 thousand dollars. It was George’s baby on the water. I can’t exactly remember what color or the exact number of horsepower but it was definitely one of the nicer watercrafts on the lake. HE wanted to be able to let that boat shine with all it’s glory around other people on the lake and show it off a little bit. George liked to show off his toys to strangers or even just his family. Actually if I think about it a little bit more, I do remember the color of the boat. It was a beautiful bright green and black, it really stood out from the other boats on the water. It had one heck of a sound system too with pulsating subwoofers and speakers that blasted the other boats away hitting superior sound heights and bass. He was headed to take his family to dripping springs and I don’t know why because that not really a good place for the kids unless they wanted to see a bunch of adults drinking and not being very smart. That is the subject we are going to talking about today and giving a small example of an individual that received insurance from us here at Best Insurance. George came in to Best Insurance because he was headed out to the lake for the weekend. It was a big Fourth of July weekend and there are always a bunch of people on the lake at that time. He hustled in and the agent was able to get him the best price for the coverage he wanted. The agent at the time easily shaved off hundreds Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa from his policy from the previous year. George had 2 kids, Tommy and Susie and they are 8 and 12 years old. He wanted to keep peace of mind knowing there are a lot of crazy drivers on the lake that weekend that probably have had took much to drink. He decided to go with full coverage a 500 deductible and trailer accessory coverage. Therefore he and his kids were properly insured and knowing he and his children have coverage if an accident happens. Kids are our future and lord knows we want to keep them safe. Little tommy and Susie were George’s world, protecting them was the best part of any day he was able to spend with them. If you’re out driving without Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa insurance make sure and come into any Best Insurance location to receive a quote for the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa in the State. We have four different locations for you to choose from with four different phones numbers, so there are plenty of options depending on how close we are for your needs. Our four locations consist of Eighteenth and Garnett, Admiral and Sheridan, Forty first and Garnett and Forty third and Sheridan. Once again we have four different phone numbers to reach us at 918-576-7000, 918-234-0022, 918-392-5522 and 918-779-6800 so give us a call for a hassle free quick quote.