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Good morning, hey this is the old story taylor coming to you again want to talk to you for just a minute if something about the cheapest car insurance, auto insurance in tulsa oklahoma gives you the incredible services at a great price courses. Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa Dunnellon talk about that other. The best insurance than tulsa air phone number is 918-234-0022 located at 1825 south garnett road are you can go on their website and call them at their number for the 43rd street office, 43rd and sheridan at 918 576-7000 at 7000, and ask him about the cheapest, auto insurance in tulsa oklahoma, and they will give you a free quote at what no questions asked about you just give them. They want little bit information of today and ask for it and you they will be glad to give you a free quote:oh, that’s like i, told you this. The old storyteller again coming to you I want to talk to you about it or tell us a couple of stories. Still I’m talking about old people. Cuz I like to talk about older people since I’m, one of them and i, but i, want to tell you about an absent minded. Teacher I bet he’d moved into his new house and he was moving and his wife is going to do the moving.

While he went ahead to school that pays for teaching, and so she knows that even been absent minded and everything what she talked to probably better rock the new address down for him, and so she gave him the address the piece of paper and then told him. Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa It says he has to do. He also draw new house just do. Remember, don’t come back here this evening. You go to the new address, be sold, y’all pretty well dear, and he said off to work and, of course, of the day at work. He course lost the piece of paper and forget it all about the move. He just automatically return address tried to keith and couldn’t get in my goodness, if property in the remember the move. This help, you remember the movie at three piece of paper. You do the wife and still give you the address when we couldn’t find it going desperation. They just decide to start walking down the street that he saw young man coming so eat crossed over to the street there where he was and that’s keeps it gives me young man, I am professor richardson, you wouldn’t happen to know where I live with you. The boy look at amy says all dad come on. I’ll, take you home yeah, that’s where it goes with its own people. That would get old, but it’s the same time we’re always looking for bargains and that’s why I asked people always I want the cheapest, auto insurance for my car that I can get and I always find it at best interest I get incredible service at 2 with you guys, you guys are just wonderful, I love doing business with you yeah, it’s love doing business with you, I’ll tell you.

The other story I met that they have these stories, because you know this don’t have a lot to do with the cheapest insurance in tulsa, but they are stories that I hope you can relate to I hope. You know some elderly folks and maybe get a smile once in awhile. This is not a couple of guys in a restroom get eaten breakfast and what up said the other? Did you know that you got a suppository in your right ear? Big does a guy said:hey speak up. I can’t hear you cuz my hearing aid, not working for a good today, the first guy that happy month a year-and he pointed to his companion, dog and its ear, and he said after removing this suppository sis I’m glad you pointed that out. I know what I did with my parents. Trouble getting old. Let you know, even though you get old, you still want the cheapest auto insurance, especially if you can get a credible service with it. Hey you want to buy the cheapest auto insurance with low monthly prices, low monthly payments, if you can get them and of course, I know that you people there at best insurance, has the cheapest auto insurance in tulsa oklahoma, so I’m always sending people to you. I want to tell you next to bella no gal.

Nursing home in favorite ruby. You live there, a nursing home. She was confined to a wheelchair. Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa They got her a dual electric wheelchair that she just run up and down the hallways there where she wanted to go. She kept back. This just got everything that she had whenever she was able bodied but every night, whatever everyone else and go to sleep. If you’d run up and down the halls are the nursing home, macon car sound and we love we deserve better, like they were squeezing all the script and then get the holler fast down the hallway into a out there. On the other one that rooms, you got a little disgusting, but they need so. He stepped out. He said, stop stepped in front of you. Fit, may I see your driver’s license, so she said. Well, yeah, so she dug in her purse she drugged out of the little diary that she been riding in she handed to him. Cuz here you are all sir guy took the door, inflicted minute. Shovel to themselves and it back to her and you just drove off and you stop down there. Look in the door propped open, scout.. So. You can’t park here and to see if you drove on down to the next hallway and then another report come out how to stop and he leaned down here and he came. He can xscape to haul that. You know that your left headlight is out.

Did you know that 100 officers that the lights were working perfect when I left home well, can I see your title? Your registration, though she dug in her purse again, as you brought out old prescriptions that she had its time. She had it done to him. He look through them and a back to him ever go on our way. Next, thank you. Going down a hallway, the door flew open and the guy named eddie. He come running out of the room. He was stark naked and it’s pretty obvious that he is in the state of a ralphs on a holler stop. She said:oh no, not not the breathalyzer again. That happens that way. I guess anyway, if she just bought the cheapest car insurance tulsa, she probably wouldn’t even have to stop. She could run over that dude uh, oh babe, you’ll, storyteller life stories about the old man getting pretty hard here. It is everyday seem like it’s getting a little bit worse. His wife I’m talking about now I’m pretty worried about her because then she got hard of hearing. It. I knew that he’s going to have to probably one day so when they were watching tv that night, he called out across there’s. As can you hear that hear me ethel, since there wasn’t any response from her, though she did say that little bit later, you ask her again this time a little bit louder. Can you hear me at all again she didn’t say nothing. Just no sound well go for a third time. You got even louder either. Can you hear me apple and she answered too impatient for the third time? Yes, if it’s the old storyteller sign it off, and let you go again, it would hear you from me next time. Please be good, like good thoughts, give her those free quotes of the cheapest car insurance in tulsa oklahoma. Thank you very much. Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa

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