Hello everyone today is shaping up to be a beautiful day outside and you know what that means, a lot of people are going to be on the road. So don’t forget to make sure you have the proper insurance to be able to drive comfortably on this great Wednesday. If you’re out driving without insurance make sure and come into any Best Insurance location to receive a quote for the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa in the State. We have four different locations for you to choose from with four different phones numbers, so there are plenty of options depending on how close we are for your needs. Our four locations consist of Eighteenth and Garnett, Admiral and Sheridan, Forty first and Garnett and Forty third and Sheridan. Once again w have four different phone numbers to reach us at 918-576-7000, 918-234-0022, 918-392-5522 and 918-779-6800 so give us a call for a hassle free quick quote.
First once again I would like to start off with our customer service and how well Best Insurance likes to insure that we can find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa in your area and surrounding areas. All of our phones roll over so which ever location you decide to contact for a quote or a question about your insurance, if the agent at the location is unavailable then the call will roll over to the next agent who would be able to assist you accordingly. Best Insurance has exceptional agent customer service ratings just check out our website at bestinsurancetulsa.com.
Today we are going to be talking about a multi-car discount and how it affects your policy and or policies and how to qualify and how it will help make each policy cheaper in the long run. We are just going to give a couple of examples on how it helps with prices just to give the insured an idea of how Best Insurance provides you with the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa around. Our first example would be BOB: Bob has a truck he wants to insure to make sure he is covered on the road and he comes in to Best Insurance to receive that quote. Best Insurance was able to give him the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa and he received a policy that day. While everything was being written up the agent at Best Insurance asked Bob if he had any toys like a boat or all terrain vehicle, he the proceeded to tell the agent that he did have a boat. The agent quoted the boat and it was good price so he took a policy out on the boat as well. Now because he took the policy on the boat as well he received a huge discount on both for having a multi-policy discount. It ended up being a lot cheaper for him with the two policies.
Would like to leave you with a little closing statement that we at Best Insurance would like to make sure that everyone in the surrounding areas of Tulsa that we help everyone to get the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa. So don’t forget to come in and check us out at any one of the locations stated above for our fast and friendly services. Thanks everyone and enjoy this beautiful Wednesday we have here and be safe out there on the road.