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It is a great Wednesday out there, but it is going to be very hot so bring an umbrella if you’re going to be out in it quite a bit today or a lot of sunscreen to keep from getting burned too much. I know if you’re like me then it is easy to get too much sun too fast. There will be a lot of drivers out on the road today and all week so make sure you are well covered with insurance as well because you never know what will happen.
Today is going to be another little snippet of another example about how a customer has benefitted from a multi-car policy discount. A lot like Bob from the previous article, this is going to be about Kelly and some different things she insured to receive a hefty discount receiving multi-policies. One day Kelly came in to one of our fast and friendly Best Insurance locations which they provide the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa around and took a policy out with one of our agents for a vehicle. She just wanted liability but it didn’t matter what coverage she wanted, Best Insurance got her the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa. While she sat there the agent asked if she had home insurance and she said I don’t own a home, I rent at an apartment. The agent then asked if she had renter’s insurance and she kindly said she didn’t without hesitation. The agent then told her that it is very good to make sure her personal items were covered because there are a lot of thefts that happen especially around d the holidays. She liked the price of said quote for renters and took out the policy as well. Receiving a large discount from having a multi-policy and leaving another satisfied customer with Best Insurance. It always feels good for the agents when the customer leaves happy. We at Best Insurance always want to provide that for every customer we have and for them to leave with a smile on their face.
Don’t forget to make sure you have the proper insurance to be able to drive comfortably on this great Wednesday. If you’re out driving without insurance make sure and come into any Best Insurance location to receive a quote for the Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa in the State. We have four different locations for you to choose from with four different phones numbers, so there are plenty of options depending on how close we are for your needs. Our four locations consist of Eighteenth and Garnett, Admiral and Sheridan, Forty first and Garnett and Forty third and Sheridan. Once again we have four different phone numbers to reach us at 918-576-7000, 918-234-0022, 918-392-5522 and 918-779-6800 so give us a call for a hassle free quick quote.